Martin Margiela, Fall 1995-96 ‘Fucshia’ Crushed Velvet Vest,

For the 1995-1996 fall-winter season, Martin Margiela returns to a “classic” fashion show format. Buses are requisitioned to take the guests to the parade site, under the red circus Santus tent. Inside, they sit on the wooden bleachers forming a circle. They are given white plastic cups filled with red wine.

Here we have one of the many fuchsia coloured item presented down the runway, dictating the name of the collection. Crafted from a crushed velvet, this vest features; exposed darting, elastic adjustable back straps, shaped bust and a cropped form fit.

Size 40, adjustable fit.

Condition, 8/10 (elastic is slightly stretched, doesnt affect the wear)

London, UK

La Nausée LTD