Vexed Generation, A/W 1996 Polartec Fleece Ninja Collar Jacket

The 'Ninja' jacket is one of Vexed Generation's most iconic garments. Introduced for A/W 1995-1996, it was one of the label's most popular unisex designs and reissued every year until its demise. Lorraine Gamman and Vexed co-founder Adam Thorpe explain; “the Vexed Ninjahood and high collar jacket are so-called because of the anonymity they offer the wearer. The high collar performs a dual functionality, masking the wearer’s identity and providing a housing into which a respiratory filter may be fitted to ‘clean’ urban air”.

Constructed in a royal blue Polartec fleece, the jacket offers warmth and protection from the elements. The highly functional collar covers part of the wearer's face and when unzipped creates a dramatic wide collar. The sleeves are constructed in a 3D pattern to allow optimised functionality and movement for the wearer whilst offering an aggressively pleasant biker-edge. A great piece of British fashion history proving to remain highly relevant in the current moment in time, 25 years later.

Condition: 8/10.

London, UK

La Nauseé LTD