Raf Simons, Archive REDUX, A/W  2002 ‘Virginia Creeper’ Short Sleeve Raglan Sweater

Redux, a latin word which means to bring back or to lead back. Archive Redux is a reissue of select pieces from the Raf Simons Archives, charting 25 years of the brand and marking the labels 25th anniversary in 2020. Each piece replicates the characteristic of their archival antecedents, allowing a new generation of Raf Simons followers to experience these garments for the first time.

For his Autumn Winter 2002 collection, the designer created an entire new world in his runway show, focusing on themes of decay and America. Titling the show “Virginia Creeper” after the pest plant of the same name. Raf focused on horror movies as a reference for some of the looks and items from the collection whilst drawing in military references throughout. The natural look of the show becomes even more clear once understanding the acid washing, hand dying and distressing implemented to the garments, creating a pre worn in long-lived effect.

This piece from the collection is constructed in a soft cotton jersey, featuring a red body with contrasting black raglan sleeves. The details include the Virginia Creeper graphic printed on the front chest and back, in a colligate school font with the latin name for the plant above “Parthenocissus quinquefolia”. Further details include minor distressing the hems and an acid wash process which allows the garment to deteriorate over time and wear.

Size M.

Part of the permanent collection.

London, UK

La Nauseé LTD