Prada,  F/W 1999 Mesh Top

The Prada F/W 1999 presentation was highly inspired by athleticism, with the idea of fanny packs and sportswear flowing down the runway. As quoted by Prada at the time, “We have these evening dresses with mirrors, she explained, “and under there is this man’s shorts for swimming. So it’s mixed up in this way.” Part of the runway was composed of embroidered broken mirrors and flowers which were a historicism of the hippie fashions which also greatly inspired the current trends in 1999. Openly wanting to include “all of the cliché’s of hippie fashions” it was almost ‘ironic’ as they also sought to destroy them with their cutting edge aesthetic. There was also notably a catalog accompanying the Met’s “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations” 1999 exhibition, which the designer then divulged more insight into this highly memorable season.

Pictured here for sale is the unique Prada F/W 1999 Mesh Top, with a tightly moulded fit against the body mixed with a synthetic mesh resembling the season’s athleticism. Featured with a long zip down the left body and suede elbow (?) patches, it gives it a futuristic look reminiscent of Prada’s trademark designs. The top is completed with a low scoop neck, giving it a sensual look. Paired with Dries Van Noten low-rise white trouser (also matched with zips down by the ankles), this is a casual yet timeless look that heals to the brand’s desired laid-back aesthetic.

Size 38.

Chest: 38cm
Shoulder: 33cm
Lenght: 49cm
Sleeve: 57.5cm

Condition 8/10.

London, UK

La Nauseé LTD