Maison Martin Margiela, S/S 2000 Sleeveless Striped Knit by Miss Deanna 

Miss Deanna Ferretti Veroni was a complete master of her craft, showing complete understanding of knitwear and garment production by using traditional techniques whilst still fitting briefs of contemporary designers. Beginning her original set up in her home garage in the 1960’s, she moved on to collaborate and become a knitwear powerhouse years later. One of her most productive relationships was sustained with designer Martin Margiela; beginning in 1999 until the Autumn / Winter Collection of 2003.

Constructed out of a soft knitted wool, the vest is cut in a way making it almost cover the shoulder, as if a jumpers sleeves have just been removed or not  added. Navy/Off-white stripes cover the piece horizontally, with a contrasting but easily missed black ribbed collar detail.

Size 48/M.

Chest: 50.5cm
Shoulder: 48cm
Length: 74cm

Condition 9/10

London, UK

La Nauseé LTD