Maison Martin MargielaS/S 1998, Flat Jacket

“When not worn these pieces are totally flat,” read the words at the back of a stage, on which men in white lab coats presented clothing on hangers as if at an auction. Spring ’98 involved geometry, specifically how to make two-dimensional garments that would lie perfectly flat when not on a three-dimensional body.

Pictured here for sale is the flat jacket from the 1998 collection. Constructed in a thick black canvas cotton, the jacket features an elasticated inner band to keep the sleeves standing outwards, a large black zipper and 2 holes on the shoulders to hang the jacket on a hook. The 1998 Flat Jacket features a blank label which represents its past as a runway item. Nowadays, a museum-level garment.

Size FR42

Condition 9/10

London, UK

La Nauseé LTD