Katharine Hamnett achieved stardom as a fashion designer in the early-1970s, after graduating from Central Saint Martins. Her early work featured a wide array of military references, usage of surplus material and pioneering ethical production. Her work, not as well recognised now, heavily influenced both British popular culture and politics, especially in the 1980s, through the strength of her work. She was also the first designer to win the British Fashion Council’s ‘Designer of the Year’ award in 1984.

We here at La Nauseé have been avidly collecting and researching her items, each piece drawing us closer and exciting us more to the brand. With many varuations of similar styles and manufacturing happening in the UK for her earlier pieces, the material and details are much wider than we had ever anticipated. This is why her output is so important to us as her constant refining, tuning and concious production have contiued to influce some of the great desingers to follow.

Below is a wide range of items we have acquired, some for our Permanent Collection, some which have already sold and lastly, some are available for you to purchase. 

Finally, this project has been continuously ongoing since before La Nauseé was launched and will continue as we locate further items, we hope you enjoy the selection on offer.

London, UK

La Nauseé LTD