Issey Miyake, A/W 1985 Inflatable ‘Life Preserver’ Bomber Jacket

Issey Miyake was seen to use a similar inflatable technique for one of his most iconic pieces to date, just two years after this iteration in 1987, making this piece the first sign of using inflatable technology in his garments. The jacket is constructed in a soft brushed cotton, holding its shape and structure, when worn it allows for a comfortable feel on the body. This construction encases the inflatable life preserver bag from the chest area, over the shoulder and down each shoulder blade. Rubber tubing partially hidden on each chest piece allows it to be pumped full of air, distorting the silhouette to sculptural proportions which resemble a samurai's armour. When inflated the shoulders become extremely pronounced and the piece really takes on a new look.

The overall fit is boxy and cropped with wide shoulders. Further details include two lower zipped pockets which are arranged with the 3D panelling on the lower part of the jacket, a zipped closure starts just above the button waist closure and adjustable buttoned cuffs can also be seen present. The collar features a structured mock neck style which adds to the samurai style that influenced this jacket. 

Size M.

Chest: 63.5cm
Shoulder: 56cm
Length: 62.5cm
Sleeve: 60cm

Condition 9.5/10.

London, UK

La Nausée LTD