Hussein Chalayan, A/W 2004-05 ‘Anthropology of Solitude’ Reversible Walkman Jacket

This collection named ‘Anthropology of Solitude’ looked to use the garments to propose the combination of elements of the biological, national and universal self. He aimed to hone in on the already stark contradictions rooted inside the existing social structures. Focusing on the technology within the time of production, Chalayan chose to use the Sony Walkman as an example to show the autonomy of the growing technological drive in society, he did so by issuing a pocket measured exactly for the device.

Here we have a great example of the subtle design from the team and Chalayan himself. Inspired by a classic work jacket, featuring a black/deep blue construction on each side of the body, making the jacket fully reversible. A simple yet effective hidden zipper runs down the middle of the jacket with a reversible handle, on the black side we see two asymmetrical lower pockets, with the Sony Walkman shaped zipped pocket placed underneath the left side pocket. On the reverse side, we see the same asymmetrical pockets however no entrance to the Walkman pocket, just a button that helps adjust the size and finally a hidded pocket in the seam detail on the right side. 

Size 44 (fits men's size S-M).

Chest: 51cm
Shoulder: 44cm
Length: 61cm
Sleeve: 67cm

Condition 8/10 (minor wear to each cuff).

London, UK

La Nausée LTD