Hussein Chalayan, A/W 2003-4 ‘Place / Non-place’, 
Double Layered Denim Trucker

For his second men’s collection, Chalayan based his inspiration around aviation, travel, and airports. With details throughout the collection leaning towards the utility needed for wearers in travelling situations, pockets were designed specifically for certain items. Hussein said in a 2005 interview; “It is about the idea of achieving a maximum degree of mobility by taking your environment with you. The vessel nurtures the passenger, feeds, clothes and transports it. Today we travel so much, are on the move all the time, creating temporary residences for ourselves. We are constantly displaced”.

‘Place/Non-place’ was an interactive event coinciding with Chalayan’s Autumn/Winter 2003 menswear collection of the same name. Inspired by French anthropologist Marc Augé’s description of airports as “non-places”. This idea came from Chalayan’s interest in turning a non-place into a place, attaching labels inside the garments inviting buyers of the pieces to meet at at Heathrow Airport, London, 4 May 2004. Two of the design team were there to meet and offer items which would fitted the specially designed pockets on the garments. Only one person turned up.

Here we see an exceptional, almost unseen piece from the collection. The outer trucker jacket is constructed out of raw heavy indigo washed denim, also featuring a sleek stripped-back design with minimal panelling and contrast white stretching. The lining features a woven knit layer stitched into the inside of the trucker outer, giving the effect of a layered piece. The button closure is separated and replaced with a zip attached to the knitted lining. Finally, the neck cuff and wrist cuff from the knit protrudes out.

Size 50.

Part of our Permanent Collection.

London, UK

La Nausée LTD