Helmut Lang, S/S 1993 Gold Cross Polo Dress

The Helmut Lang S/S 1993 runway show featured an instantaneous ‘vintage’ and gently worn vibe to this collection without being overtly kitschy. A large amount of Christian imagery and particularly the Holy Cross was on show during this collection in the form of prints, embroideries, casts, engravings and metal pins. Most notable to the collection were the large amount of leather and form fitting tailoring including Lang’s influential shapes also seen in years to follow. An amazing collection of nostalgic memory, this still holds strongly in the fashion world over the past 25+ years.

Featured here is the incredibly rare Helmut Lang S/S 1993 Gold Cross Polo Dress, combining features of sportswear with a simply placed golden cross on the left chest. Featuring Lang’s trademark classic collar, four buttons are smoothly placed down in the middle of a gently-cinched waist with sleeves which lie just above the elbows: Lang’s feminine work is clearly on display here. This dress is worn by a woman with a height of 5”9 and is apparent on the shorter side, giving it a playful yet tasteful tennis-like appearance to it. Fabricated in a soft, black cotton, this dress is known for its comfortability and can be paired with tights and a fitted overcoat for winter or worn on its own during the summer months.

London, UK

La Nausée LTD