Helmut Lang,  2004 1-Pocket Vintage Denim Jacket

The 1-pocket jacket is one of Helmut Lang's most definitive garments. Introduced in 1998, it perfectly encapsulates Lang's minimalist approach, where luxury is achieved through streamlined yet conceptually rich designs with an emphasis on carefully selected materials and reworked cuts.

A vintage beautifully distressed denim makes up the construction of the jacket, areas of the jacket show the original stressing added to the jacket on production and has continued to show further natural wear. The jacket is seen to have a stripped back form, with the absence of the usual front panels and multiple storage pockets. A single breast pocket has been added to the left chest, crafted in the shape of a back pocket of a pair of jeans. The silhouette is fitted with defined shoulders, a tapered body, elongated sleeves, and finished off with branded silver brass hardware.

Size 50.

8/10 Condition.

London, UK

La Nauseé LTD